Float Liquid Level Indicator

We are reckoned as a Float Liquid Level Indicator Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi. Our Float Liquid Level Indicator is made from quality components and material, which make it durable. The Float Liquid Level Indicator is used for providing a proper and continuous indication of level of different types of liquid. The Float Liquid Level Indicator is designed for working with a diverse range of liquids. The reliable Float Liquid Level Indicator comes at economical price.

Outstanding Features

  • Durable
  • Precalibrated at Factory No field Calibration required
  • 4-20 mA processed output signal, 2 or 4 wire units
  • Continuous 'Float Type' Analog Sensor, In materials, resistive to most liquids
  • High accuracy & repeatability
  • Adjustable multiple Alarm Relays
  • Customized lengths up to 6 meters
  • Liquid Level or Liquid/Liquid Interface Detection
  • Works under sticky and dirty environment

Useful For

  • Oil tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Milk tanks
  • Chemicals tanks
  • Pure/Industrial Water tanks
  • Ship/LPG Tanks
  • Pressurized vessels
  • Waste water and sewage treatment plants


Float operated liquid level transmitter, indicator and controller, comprises of a level transducer and a signal converter and is used for continuous level indication and control of any liquid, chemically compatible with the transducer material, unaffected by electrical conductivity, temperature, pressure or viscosity.

Operating Principle
The Unit operates on the principle of buoyancy. During the rise and fall of liquid level, the Float moves and the magnetic field changes & actuates the chain which develops a proportional voltage. The sensed voltage is fed to a transmitter for converting it to a signal of 0-5 V Dc or 4 20 mA. The transmitter can also be incorporated with a digital display or step less adjustable multiple alarm relays (featuring high level alarm, low level alarm, or both & low level pump (or solenoid valve) on & high level off and vice-versa.

The transducers consist of a float and guide tube assembly in non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed flux. The float can be in nylon, PP or SS. No gasket or seals are used and there is only one moving part, the float assuring long trouble free life. Being entirely glandless, there is no possibility of fluid leakage into the transducer.

Installation and Wiring
The transducer is mounted internally and externally through a chamber by means of a flange connection. External mounting is adopted to overcome limited space within the tank or where mechanical devices operate or where isolation tank is required for regular servicing. The Transducer is precalibrated in the factory and comes to you ready for installation. For operation of level transducer, it has to work in conjunction, with a signal converter which have line or loop powered electronics. Line powered transmitter can be incorporated with a digital display and / or adjustable multiple alarm relays. Loop powered transmitter is employed for remote signaling to a process indicator / controller.


Material Steel
Application Testing Water Level
Condition New
Display Type Analog
Automatic Grade Automatic
Measuring Range 100-200mm, 200-300mm, 500-600mm, 600-700mm
Gauge Diameter 20-40mm, 60-80mm
Guage Size 2inch, 8inch
Feature Accuracy, Robust Construction, Rust Proof


Measuring range 6 Meters max
Accuracy at range 1000 mm : ± 1% FS
2000 mm : ± 0.5% FS
4000 mm : ± 0.25 %n FS
Installation Top with 80 - 100 NB Flange in SS 304/316/pp/ptf lined
Float 75/100 mm Ø in SS 304/316/pp/ptfe coated
Guide Tube SS / ptfe : 100 oC / PP : 80 oC
SS/ptfe coated 15 kg/cm2g/PP : 1 kg/cm2 g
Enclosure Protection Weather proof to IP 65


Signal Converter 4 wire system 2 Wire System
Electronics Line powered, Nonintegral with Transducer Loop powered, integral with transducer
Input Variable resistance from transducer Variable resistance from transducer
O/P 4-20 mA (Optional 0-20 mA ro 0-5 DC) 4-20 mA
Max. Load 400 Ohms 400 Ohms
Supply 24V DC/220 V AC 24 V DC
Digital Display (Optional) 3 ½ digits (% of Engg. Units)  
Control (Optional) Multiple stepless adjustable, O/P relays rated for 5A, 230V AC  
Version Wall Panel  
Enclosure Protection IP 30/IP 65  



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