Magnetic Level Switch

Malhotra Bros & Co. is a well-known Magnetic Level Switch Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi. The Magnetic Level Switch goes through several quality-checks, which ensure its top-notch quality. The Magnetic Level Switch is an economical, maintenance free and reliable device used for high, low or intermediate point level switching. The Magnetic Level Switch is for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms and where insertion depths of top mounted models are exceeded.

Construction & Operation
Compact and rugged construction, consisting of a free moving float assembly and a switch enclosure in non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. It employs dual magnets- one carried out by the float arm and the other by the contacts carriers, housed in the switch enclosure. A change in the liquid level brings the like poles of the dual magnets opposite to each other, and resulting repulsion force ensures a change-over of contacts, of the switch housing. These Magnetic Level Switches come in various non-magnetic materials and construction styles to suit board range of medias/applications. It is designed to provide high repeatability and to minimize effects of shock, vibration & pressure.


  • Mounted internally or external through a chamber. External mounting is resorted to, where space is a limiting factor or mechanical devices like stirrers operate within the tank. Besides, in applications like boilers, reaction kettles etc., with external mounting, isolation are possible for regular servicing
  • The switch is normally side-mounted; however for applications like slurry, vertical-installation is preferred
  • On no account must a switch be used for the direct starting of burners, heaters, Motor-pumps, alarm, It is essential that the contacts are wired in series with the relay coil (N/V coil) in a contactor starter


  • Manual start & auto off in storage tanks
  • Oil storage tanks to indicate high level, low levels or filling the tanks automatically
  • Condensate receivers to control the operation of an electrically driven condensate pump
  • Main water storage tanks to control the action of the pump used for filling or emptying the tank, automatically
  • In baby boiler auto control of Pump motor & Electric Heater
  • For the control and indication of liquid levels in vessels under vacuum
  • In storage and service tanks on board ship to give indications in the Engine Room when the level in the tank is too high or too low

Where a number of level switches are employed they can be supplied together with a suitable indicator and Alarm Panel embodying signal lights and an audible alarm system.


Application Magnetic Use
Voltage 200VDC, 230VAC
Frequency 50HZ, 60Hz
Power 0-5Amp, 10-15Amp, 5-10Amp
Temperature 0Dig C To + 60Dig C
Hole Diameter 0-20mm, 20-40mm
Setting Range 0-1500pF, 1500-3000pF


Construction STD. L.S. / ADJ. LS. / EXT. LS./Vertical
Styles L.S. / Vertical See Saw L.S. / Miniature L.S.
Installation Side / Top
Switch Weather proof / Ex-proof
Enclosure with % "NPT
Float 304SS/3 16SS/PP
Min. Sp. Gravity 0.7 (STD) 0.5 (Optional)
Mounting Flanged or screwed
Switch Type Capacity Airbreak single - pole double - throw & with silver Cadmium oxide contacts
A.C. 440V - 1.0 Amp. 250V - 2.5 Amp
D.C. 24V-2.5 Amp. 240 V - 0.5 Amp.
Switch Fixed / Adjustable in steps from
Differential 10 - 300 mm depending upon float size/arm extension/cam positioning
Accuracy/Repeatability ± 2 mm / ± mm
Load / Insulation Resistave / 150 Magaohms at 500 V.D.C
Max.Temperature Upto 210 oC depending upon float / switch element configurations
Max. Pressure Upto 20 kgs/cm2 depending upon float Materials & dimensions
External Cage (Optional) Flanged or screwed mounting in MS / 304 SS / 316 S3 material

Ordering Information


  • Type of level switch
  • Working pressure & temperature
  • Specific gravity of Liquid
  • Type of function

Continuous development of our products may necessitate changes in these details without notice.




On no account must a switch be used for the direct starting of burners, heaters, motors-pumps, alarms, it is essential that the contacts are wired in series with the relay coil (N/V coil) in a contactor starter.

Trouble Shooting



  • Magnetic Level switch, Float and cam not moving up and down
    • Check the S.S. Float
    • If puncture, replace the same with a new one
    • Check the sediments on the cam
    • If present, clean the same
  • Low level alarm not working
    • Check the alarm unit (hooter) and its electrical wiring
    • If shows open, replace the switch with a new one




  • Periodic maintenance is required in the form of cleaning of float and cam
  • Check magnetic strength of primary magnet
  • Ensuring that the wiring is in good order and that all screws are tight
  • Check that the float is not waterlogged
  • Check insulation of wires connecting switch head


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