Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge

We are among the prominent Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge Manufacturers and Suppliers. The Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge provided by us is made of best quality raw components that help in enhancing its performance levels. It is designed for safe and positive visual indication of liquid level in vessels under high pressure & temperature conditions. The Reflex Flat Glass Level Gauge is a flat glass gauge, which has precision molded prismatic grooves cut on its inner side, which comes in contact with the medium. Light striking the glass covered by liquid is refracted (absorbed) into the liquid making this portion appear black, whereas light covering the vapor space is reflected back towards the viewer, making it appear silvery-white. Thus, a sharp clear line marks the liquid level.

Made Of

  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass, resistant to chemicals, thermal & mechanical shocks
  • Large Chamber for boiling, foaming, flashing or surging liquids
  • With offset needle valve, the centerline of the gauge and drain connections offset 22 mm from the centerline of vessel connections. Hence by removing the vent/ drain plugs, the interior of a top & bottom connected gauge glass may be cleaned without removing the gauge
  • Safety Ball check


Material Toughened Glass
Application Measuring Water Level
Condition New
Display Type Analog
Automatic Grade Manual
Feature Accuracy, Easy To Fit, Robust Construction


Gauge Classification Standard Chamber,Large Chamber or Weld Pad
Gauge Glass Tempered borosilicate (Imported) in 30mm width as standard
Cushion CAF
Body (Liquid Chamber) MS, CS (EN -8), ASTM A-105, SS304, SS316 or PP
Cover Plate MS, CS (EN -8), ASTM A-105, SS304, SS316 or PP
Bolts Nuts MS or Graded Alloy Steel for high temperature service
CC Distance 300, 320, 400, 450, 500 MM
Gauge Connection Straight Through / Hook -Up
Process Connection (PC) Flanged to BS, ASA, ANSI, DIN J Screwed to BS or NPT
Orientation of PC Top Bottom : Left, Right .Rear, Vertical
isolating valves Integral Offset Needle Valve
Vent Plug
Drain Needle / Valve
Calibrated Scale (Optional) AI / SS linearly calibrated for level values in mm(LC=10mm)
Special Features Autoball Check
Max. Test Pressure(Kg/cm sq) 0-65 Kg/cm2C
Max. Temperature (oC) 0-400oC
Construction and Operation
  • Reflex : The liquid chamber is formed by one piece metal body, reflex gauge glass, sealing gasket, cushion and cover plate all held together by U-bolts & nuts. The gauge glass sandwiched between the gasket & cushion is placed on front side for viewing of liquid level & held in the recesses machined in the body and cover plate. This ensures leak proof assembly, prevents gasket / cushion slippages and avoids glass to metal contact. The glass section comes in lengths from 11 5mm to 340mm and as many as 5 can be fitted in a single gauge assembly. Extended ranges can be provided by coupling two gauge assemblies through a coupler or the level gauges can be installed in a staggered manner. The level gauge is usually provided with shut - off valves at either ends to isolate the gauge in the event of glass breakage or replacement.
  • Transparent : The construction is similar to Reflex except that the liquid chamber is formed by one piece metal body and a pair of transparent gauge glass plates.
  • Function Of Autoball Check : Autobail "check facility is provided to prevent “liquid loss" from vessel during breakage of gauge glass. It consists of a capsule located along the 'neck’ of the gauge and contains a 'ball’, which moves freely along its inner race, between the stopper & orifice. During breakage, the pressure on 'ball' from gauge side will be atmospheric, whereas higher pressure from the vessel side ("operating pressure + liquid column") will cause the ball to move and block the orifice whereby liquid loss will be minimized.

Models Available (With IBR Certificate In Form III C)

Model No. CC Dist (R) (mm.) Gauge Glass (mm.) Visibility (V) Flange Rating
RLGB112300 300 220 210 20 NB. ASA # 300
RLGB032320 320 250 230 20 NB. ASA # 300
RLGB112385 285 250 230 20 NB. ASA # 300
RLGB112400 400 280 260 20 NB. ASA # 300
RLGB112450 450 280 260 20 NB. ASA # 300
RLGB112500 500 340 320 20 NB. ASA # 300

Operating Information Specify


  • Liquid
  • CC Distance of side flanges
  • Operating temperature and pressure



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