Tube Type Liquid Level Controller

We are among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Tube Type Liquid Level Controller. The Tube Type Liquid Level Controller is made from quality components, ensuring the delivery of excellent performance for years and years. The Tube Type Liquid Level Controller comes at market leading price.

Magnetic float and tube type, level switch in conjunction with control unit is an established and reliable technique in industry for point liquid level sensing and control in open or pressurized vessels. It offers trouble free service in conductive/non-conductive liquids under widely varying temperatures, pressure, liquid viscosities and corrosive conditions. Besides, it provides high repeatability and effect of shocks/vibrations is minimal.

Construction & Operation
Simple and sturdy construction, consisting of a float and guide tube, made of nonmagnetic material to achieve an undisturbed magnetic flux. The float has a magnetic system within it and moves freely along the guide tube, which contains glass encapsulated hermetically sealed switches, located at preset positions. Reliability of float movement is achieved through suitable clearance between it and the tube. Float follows the liquid level and magnetically actuates the contacts to give an electrical signal, which in turn can operate remote alarm or a relay to control auxiliary devices like solenoid/motorized valve or pump motor starters. Single/multiple switching is possible through a single float, however to suit specific applications, multiple floats can be employed. The Tube Type Liquid Level Controller is available in various materials and construction styles to suit wide variety of medias/applications.

Mounted internally or externally through a chamber. External mounting adopted to overcome limited space within the tank or where mechanical devices like stirrers operate or where isolation tank is required for regular servicing. It can be installed vertically from top to bottom. Side installation is also possible with slight modification.

Control Unit
Contains electronics and comes separate as an accessory to the sensor. To allow low power switches to control high amperage or voltage devices. Or To convert non-latching switch outputs into latching alarm outputs. The relay provided in the Controller is of 5 Amp. Capacity. On no account must a switch be used for the direct starting of burners, heaters, motor pumps, alarm, it is essential that the contacts are wired in series with the relay coil (N/V coil) in a contactor starter.


  • Auto Pump Motor Start/Stop for overhead/underground Tanks
  • Indication of high, low and intermediate levels audible alarm and operation of pumps and solenoid valves
  • Level Switches are widely used in storage tanks and reservoirs of all types chemical processing tanks and systems, automatic safety interlocks, pump motor control, etc.

Therefore the instruments are suitable for a wide range of applications for the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries for the petrochemical Industry refineries, oil and fuel tanks, storage tanks etc.


  • Safe instrument for domestic / industrial purpose
  • Prevents motor burn-out
  • Prevents overflow
  • Maintains a minimum level
  • Works round the clock
  • Requires no maintenance & attendant
  • Cuts down electricity bills
  • Auto/Manual switch provided to operate in case of malfunctioning


Application Control Liquid Level
Condition New
Power 1-3kw, 3-6kw, 9-12kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 5years


Installation Top, Bottom or Side
Terminal Housing Weathproof/Ex-proof in Aluminium with ¾" NPT cable alternatively plug-in type connector or epoxy potting with extended wires
Guide Tube Normally 304 SS / 316 SS / PP upto 3 mtr length only on request
Float 304 SS / 316 SS / PP / PVC / Nylon in various dimensions
Min. Sp. Gr. 0.7 / 0.8 depending upon the float material and dimensions
Mounting Flanged or screwed
Preset Levels 1 to maximum of 6 (factory set) depending upto guide tube / float dimensions
Differential 12 mm - 3000 mm
Accuracy/Repeatability ± 2 mm / ± 1 mm
Load/Insulation Resistive or Inductive / PVC or PTFE insulating material to stand 150 mega-ohms at 500 VDC
Max. Temperature Upto 120 C depending upon guide tube/float configuration
Max. Pressure Upto 10 Kgs/cm depending upon guide tube/float material & thickness
Control Unit Remote (Wall or Panel Mounted) or Integral
External Cage (Optional) Flanged or screwed mounting, in MS / 304 SS / 316 SS material



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